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December 10, 2013
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You stormed into the mess hall. You stomped over to where your friends were sitting, an ‎unamused expression plastered on your usual-stoic face. Not that it's rare anyways. You were ‎pretty much a second Levi, but with anger management issues. Sasha stared at your aggravated ‎face as you marched over to her, Connie, and Mikasa's group. Sweat formed around her ‎forehead.‎

‎"G-guys," she said, pointing at you, "I sense a storm coming." Mikasa, Eren, Armin and Connie ‎turned their heads and immediately paled at the sight of your angry state.‎

‎"Oh shit," Eren muttered as you marched closer, "Everyone, get ready to fucking sprint." ‎Armin began to shake violently like a leaf. Connie and Sasha hurriedly stuffed their faces with ‎bread and baked potatoes as if it were going to be their last.‎

You stood beside the table, shadow looming over your eyes. Mikasa looked at you.‎

‎"Hi ______," she said casually, trying to brush off the anger radiating from you. You slammed ‎your hands down abruptly, causing the table to shake and nearly split in half. The chatters in the ‎mess hall died down. Mikasa let her mouth open halfway as Sasha's face paled even more, the ‎bite of baked potato still in her cheek. Eren and Armin let out a girly scream. They gripped onto ‎each other's jackets, trembling like scared puppies.‎

‎"WHO THE FUCK SPREAD A RUMOUR ABOUT ME?!" you shouted indignantly. Connie ‎swallowed his food nervously. Jean, who was sitting on the table beside the one you just ‎slammed your hands on, choked on his food. You slowly craned your neck. A purple aura ‎emitted from your body as your (e/c) eyes gave off a murderous glint.‎

‎"Jean? Don't tell me it's you," you said with a sickly-sweet smile. The venom dripping off your ‎words stated otherwise.‎

You made a grab for Jean's shirt before pulling him off his seat. You pulled his face close to ‎yours.‎

‎"I will bloody kill you, slow stab, by slow stab. How does that ‎sound?" you asked through gritted teeth. The fear was evident in his golden eyes. He gulped. ‎When he tried to tear himself away from you, your grip tightened, choking him with his collar.‎

‎"YOU LITTLE GIT!" You balled your hand into fist and punched the blonde's face. Jean ‎collapsed on the floor, a line of blood tricking down his chin. A prominent bruise was visible on ‎his cheek. He winced when his fingers brushed the bruised skin. You proceeded to kick his stomach. ‎Connie gulped. The male Springer decided to be brave and make a stand. He attempted to calm you down and prevent you from inflicting anymore injuries ‎on his friend.‎

‎"______, calm dow-" In a few seconds, his bald head was underneath your foot. The room started ‎to panic, some already fleeing the mess hall, while the remaining took turns in ceasing your anger.‎

When Bertholdt had his arms locked around your small frame, you grabbed his arms and rolled ‎forward, throwing him over your back.‎

When Reiner stood in front of you, you swiftly manoeuvred behind him. You spread your legs to ‎make a good base. You quickly wrapped your right arm around his waist, left arm around his leg, ‎made sure your right shoulder was roughly under his bottom, lifted him off the ground and threw ‎him backwards.‎

Ymir and Krista stood in the background, doing nothing but watch the chaos with slight ‎amusement.‎

Ymir whispered to Christa, "Damn, she's vicious." The small blonde shook her head, sighing, laughing nervously.‎

‎"She's normally more violent than this." Christa blinked when a certain raven-haired Corporal ‎strode past her. A sweatdrop rolled down the back of her head.‎

Levi marched up to you.‎

‎"Cadet ______, what the fuck-"‎

You spun around and punched Levi. Blinded with rage, you didn't give a fuck to who you just knocked out. Everyone's jaw hit the ground when they realised you falcon-punched your superior.‎

Hanji and Erwin stared as Levi got knocked out cold. They exchanged glances.‎

‎"I think it's best to just let her be," Erwin said. Hanji nodded.‎

‎"Good idea, she can be scarier than the shorty when aggravated." They watched as the commotion escalated.‎
I was so fucking angry when I wrote this :icontableflipplz:


Shingeki No Kyojin (c) Hajime Isayama ‎

You (c) :iconitalylolwutplz:

Picture does not belong to me
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