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When you entered key stage 3 in spring, you were late in getting a friend.

You sat in your assigned seat in the classroom, staring into space as your classmates conversed with each other. No one bothered to acknowledge your existence.

"How about we eat first then go home?"

"Hey, did you see an awesome student from class 1-4?"

You brought your notebook close to your chest and pouted.

"I failed to talk with my classmates again," you muttered under your breath.

'Geh! I'm do stupid!' you thought, hitting yourself on the head, 'Why do I have to be sick on the first day of school! This is so irritating!' You looked at a group of girls over your shoulder.

'How should I approach them now?' you asked in your head, letting a sigh escape your lips. You were unaware of a girl approaching you from behind.

"______, why are you sighing?" she asked as she laid a hand on your shoulder. You turned your head to the side and your jaw dropped open. A pretty girl with forest green eyes and shoulder-length blonde hair put into four ponytails stood beside your desk, smiling warmly at you.

You stood up abruptly.

'She's so pretty!' you thought, 'Is there actually a girl as pretty as her?'

"Ah, there's nothing wrong," you responded, "I'm sorry, but who are you?" The blonde girl gave you a closed-eye smile.

"My name's Temari," she answered, "I've always been watching you."


'Is it because I'm always frowning?' you thought, a sweatdrop rolling down the back of your head.

"Maybe I'm bothering you, but... you don't look too comfortable in this school for the past few days, so I wanted to talk to you," Temari said. You put your fists in front of your chest.

"You're not bothering me at all!" you exclaimed, "I'm actually really happy!"

'Besides the fact that she's really pretty, she also nice,' you thought, curling your lips into a smile. You failed to notice the sly smile on her face. She clapped her hands together.

"Oh right! Do you want to join our club, ______?" she asked, taking your hands in hers gently, "Our club is about mystery. We're having problems because we don't have enough members. The club is really fun, trust me. We have lots of activities to do, but most of the time, we only talk. What do you think?" Your eyes sparkled and you grinned at her.

"Sure! I'll join!"


Temari brought you to the second floor of the school building. She led you down a deserted hallway, where a door stood at the end.

"There's actually an empty classroom on the second floor?" you asked.

"This is actually a storage room. We had permission from the head teacher to use it," she replied, sliding the door open. You poked your head inside. Temari stood behind you, eyes twinkling mischievously.  

"Um... hello?" you said, stepping inside. 'I'm so nervous!' you thought.

You were immediately greeted by two people. One was a boy with spiky brown hair and... is that jelly or war paint on his face? The other was a girl with long blonde hair tied in a high ponytail. A bang covered her right eye, leaving a sky blue eye visible.

"Welcome to the mystery club!" they said in unison. Questions were thrown your way after they greeted you. 

"Hey, do you like Hitotsugawa Keibu?" the blonde asked.

"Which one do you like? Queen or Holmes?" the brunette asked.

'I don't understand them at all!' you thought, panicking.

"I-I'm sorry!" you said, "You guys may not accept me but... I don't really understand mystery that much." The blue-eyed female flashed you a smile.

"It's alright," she said, "I, Ino, will recommend the best mystery books for you!" The brown-haired male smirked.

"There's no need. The books you read are all for oldies," he said. Ino faced him with a glare.

"Shut up, clown-face!"

"It's a fact." You smiled as the two began to fight.

'Thank god... everyone here seems nice enough,' you thought.

"I refuse to have you as a member in this club."

You turned to look at the owner of the new voice. A boy with raven-black hair and onyx eyes was standing by the window, hands shoved in his pockets.

Eh...? When the two of you made eye contact, he turned his head away from you.

'Where did he come from?' you questioned in your head, smile turning upside down.

"We've already got enough members," he said before facing you with a smirk, "Besides, she will never know who Holmes is. We don't need a member like her." A tick mark appeared on your head.

'Is he mocking me?' you thought, clenching your fists, 'What's his problem?!' Ino came up to you and laid a hand on your shoulder.

"Don't mind Sasuke. He's just being shy," she said, "He doesn't mean any harm." Temari walked up to you and put a hand on her chest.

"We welcome you happily," she added, offering you a gentle smile. You curled your lips at her.

"Oh right, which classes are you in, Kankuro and Ino?" you asked.

"Why are you asking that?" they answered with a question of their own. You blinked.

"______, information like that is a secret. That's the rule in our club," Temari said, putting a finger to your lips, "It matches the mystery genre, does it not?"

You nodded.

I guess that's fine... Everyone here is nice to me. After all, I don't want to feel lonely in school. I feel that I've finally found a place that's perfect for me.

You stole a glance at Sasuke. He refused to make eye contact with you.


~~~A few days later; after school~~~

You put down the books you borrowed from the library on the table.

"Maybe this is enough," you said to yourself, holding up one of the books.

'I've already joined the club, and I don't want Sasuke to give me the silent treatment all the time,' you thought, 'Maybe we could become good friends...'

Sasuke went up to you and snatched the book out of your hands.

"What's this?" he said, "Are these all mystery novels?" You jumped at his sudden appearance.

"S-S-Sasuke!" you exclaimed, beaming at him, "Yes, they are. Which one's your favourite?"

'I finally got him talking to me!' you thought triumphantly.

The ravenette threw the book against the table.

"If you really don't like it, then don't force yourself. Just quit already." You stared at him. You picked the book up, tears welling up in your eyes.

"Sasuke... Did I... do something wrong that made you hate me so much?" you asked, "Or did I..." His eyes widened.

"No! I-" Sasuke was cut off by the door opening.

"Eh? You're already here, ______?" Temari said, entering the room. You looked at the blonde and wiped your tears away.  

"Temari..." you said. Sasuke 'tch'ed and walked past you, his shoulder brushing against yours. You went after him.

"Sasuke, wait-"

"Don't come near me," he icily said, "I don't want to be your friend."


"Jeez, what's his problem?" Kankuro said, crossing his arms behind his head.

"He's so mean!" Ino exclaimed.

"Don't worry about him, ______. He didn't really mean what he said," Temari said. The trio's eyes flashed red.

"If we have lots of friends, we're not going to be lonely," they stated simultaneously. You gulped. Something about the tone of their voice sent chills up your spine.

~~~The next day; After school~~~

You packed your things away and got ready to attend your after school activity.

'What's up with Temari and her friends yesterday?' you asked in your head, 'I don't feel like meeting them today.' You let out a mushroom sigh and passed by a group of girls.

"Hey, did you know? There's a scary story about a classroom on the second floor that no one's allowed to open."

Your eyes widened.

"Ten years ago, there was a gas leak and all the students in that classroom died. Ever since that happened, there will be a voice that's calling for you. If you follow that voice and go inside the classroom... you'll die by the hands of the students that died there."

"Oh my god, thanks!"

"I've heard that a student went missing without a trace, that's why we're not allowed to go in there."

"Are you serious?!"

You strode out of the classroom and went up to the second floor.

'Second floor? Don't tell me it's that room... Maybe it's just a gossip,' you thought, 'But don't tell me... the reason why Temari and her friends are acting weird is because of that? I don't care if it sounds stupid... I have to separate myself from them!'

You slammed the door open.

"Temari!" The room was empty. You looked around worriedly.

'Thank god, no one's here yet.'

"What do I do? I don't have their phone numbers," you said, "Oh right! Maybe Temari's still in the classroom... Eh?"

What's Temari's full name?

"Huh? Why...? But we're in the same class." You clutched your head and tried to think.

I don't remember her.

Where does she sit?

When we were choosing our class representative...

Why don't I see her in class... and break time...?

I've never seen her anywhere.

"______..." you heard Temari say from behind you. You spun around quickly and gasped. You backed up against the door. Temari, Kankuro and Ino had an unsettling smile on their lips, their eyes giving off a red glint.

"What's wrong, ______?" Ino asked.

"Let's start our club activity," Kankuro said. They leaned close to your face. You felt Kankuro grab your arm while Ino's hand closed around your ankle. Temari's fingers slithered around your neck.

"We're going to be best friends, aren't we?"

That's when you realized.

N-no way! Temari and her friends are the students that died here...

Another hand grabbed your free arm and tore you away from the trio.

"NO!" you screamed, tears bubbling up in your (e/c) eyes. When you saw who freed you from Temari and her friends, your eyes widened. Sasuke got a tight grip on your arm and pulled you away from the room.

"Come with me!" he said. The ravenette didn't give you much of a choice as he was already dragging you along with him.

"Sasuke..." you whispered.

"Sasuke, why are you betraying us?"

"I won't forgive you, Sasuke!"

Sasuke pulled you close to him when Ino's hand shot out and attempted to make a grab for you.

"Open the emergency exit on the first floor!" he said, "Escape through there!" He began to run again, pulling you behind him.

"Sasuke, are you still alive?" you asked.

"No. I'm just like them," he answered.

"Then why are you helping me?" you asked. Sasuke's eyes softened.

"I've always been watching you... You may have forgotten, but... we've met before, on the first day you came to school. Out of all the people, only one person acknowledged my presence," he responded, "You smiled at me. I was so happy..."

'I see... no wonder I felt like I've met Sasuke before,' you thought, shifting your hand so that your fingers intertwined with his, 'He acted cold and said mean things to me so that I would stay away. He wanted to help me.'

A small smile graced Sasuke's lips.

"We didn't want to die. No matter how much we suffered, no matter how much we begged to live again... it'll never come true. But you're different. You still have a future." The ravenette kicked the emergency exit open.

"We can't get out of this place, but you can. Once you leave, you can escape," he said, turning to face you. You hesitated.


"Just go!" You shook your head violently, (h/c) locks flying everywhere.

"But if I escape, what will happen to you? Will I ever see you again?" you asked, tears welling up in your eyes once again. Sasuke's eyes widened at your words. He looked down and smiled.

"Don't come here again."

Sasuke grabbed your shoulders and pressed his lips against your forehead. Your pupils dilated. He pulled away and gently pushed you. Your fingers slowly untangled themselves from his. The ravenette sent you one last smile and closed the door.

"..." You stared at the closed door in front of you. A tear slipped out of your eye, followed by another.

"Sa... Sasuke..." You felt a breeze whistle past your ear, bringing in a whisper.

Live on.

Your upper body collapsed on the ground, your arms sprawled out in front of you. Tears streamed down your cheeks as you continued to scream Sasuke's name.


Make friends, cry, and laugh. I want you to live happily... because you still have a future.

Ever since that happened, I never got to see Sasuke again. But... I still remembered his wish.

"______-chan." You turned around.

"Sakura! Naruto! Gaara! Itachi!" you said, smiling at them. Sakura and Naruto returned your smile.

"Come on, ______. Let's go to class," Gaara said, flashing you a miniscule smile.

"Okay!" The redhead took your hand in his gently. A light blush danced across your cheeks. The blonde and the pinkette snickered. Itachi nodded at the four of you.

"I'll be going to my classroom then. See you later, Sakura, Gaara, Naruto, ______," he said. You waved at him.

"Bye, Itachi-san! We'll see you later!" You felt Gaara's grip on your hand tighten.

I will continue to live in the future that was given to me by Sasuke.
I'm not really a fan of Sasuke but :iconlanguageanime: requested a SasukexReader... and this is the result :iconlazycryplz: Don't say anything about the cheesy title.

Naruto (c) :iconmasashikishimotoplz:

You (c) :iconsexysasukeplz:
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