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"Please... Don't leave me alone! Anya! Dmitri!"

Nikolai's eyes snapped open. He shot up on the bed, breathing heavily. Tears had formed in his eyes, and were now running down his cheeks. He just had a nightmare about his past.

'Everyone left me...' he thought, 'They all abandoned me...' Nikolai brought a hand up to his face and covered his eyes whilst wiping away the tears. His head swivelled to the side when he heard the infirmary door slide open. A woman in her early twenties wearing a white labcoat stood in the doorway, a warm smile on her lips. Her (h/c) hair was up in a high ponytail, and her (e/c) eyes sparkled with happiness. The platinum blonde felt himself stare at you with his violet orbs. He quickly looked away when you started walking towards his bed.

"You're finally awake!" you said in relief. He flickered his gaze towards you, maintaining a stoic face.

"God, those people can be such bullies!" you continued, folding your arms over your chest, "I'll kick their ass the next time I see them!" You glanced at him. "Are you feeling alright?" Nikolai remained silent. You let a sigh escape your lips before saying,

"Nikolai, I need to change your bandages. You got cut up pretty badly, so I need you to be still." You took out a roll of fresh bandages from your drawer and reached out for him. Nikolai's eyes widened. He slapped your hand away.

"Don't touch me," he growled. You stared at him. The platinum blonde jumped off the bed and marched out of the infirmary. You sighed.

'He's still the cold and stubborn boy I know...' you thought. You exited your office and went after Nikolai.

"Nikolai," you called, "Wait!" Nikolai kept walking as he ignored your calls. Once he was in reach, your hand shot out and grabbed his arm, pulling him back. He faced you with a scowl.

"What do you want?!" he barked. You were hurt by the harshness in his tone, but tried not to show it.

"You're injured. Your bandages still need to be changed," you told him calmly. The Belarussian tore his arm away from your grip and growled.

"Just leave me alone! I don't need help from someone like you!" He turned away and left. You bit your bottom lip.

"I'm just trying to be nice to you..." you muttered, eyes downcast. You turned on your heels and walked back to the infirmary.


Nikolai ditched his next class and went to the roof of the school building. He walked towards the fences and stood there, arms resting against the bars. The wind blew past him, ruffling his platinum blonde locks. The Belarussian let out a deep sigh. Why do you seem so familiar?

'I feel like I've met her before...' he thought. The blonde stayed on the roof for 30 minutes before deciding to go back. As he turned around, a hand pressed against his chest and pushed him over the fence. The knife up his sleeve made a sound as it hit against the bars. His eyes widened. Nikolai tipped over the school building and fell.

You stacked your papers in a neat pile and stretched your arms. You came up to the window and slid it open, allowing fresh air to rush in. You heard a metal clang against a metal. Out of curiosity, you poked your head out and looked up. You gasped.

"Nikolai!" you cried. As he got closer to the window, you threw yourself out and caught him in your arms. The platinum blonde looked at you.

"What the hell are you doing?!" he shouted. You coiled your arms around him and shot a leg out. Your leg smacked against the wall of the building, forcing the two of you to drop into the swimming pool instead of the hard gravel ground. You resurfaced and brought Nikolai up with you.

"Are you alright?" you questioned. He coughed out water and glared at you.

"Are you retarded?!" The Belarussian eyed your name badge. ______ (l/n), huh?

Forgetting his formalities he continued, "Have you gone mental or something, ______?!" You returned his glare.

"I saved you from plummeting to your death! Is this how you thank me?"

"No! I just- If I had to sacrifice someone just to live, I don't know what I'd do!" You stared at him wide-eyed.

"Nikolai..." you whispered. A light blush covered his cheeks.

"Whatever," he growled, swimming away from you. You swam after him.

"Nikolai, wait! You need to dry yourself or else you'll get a cold!" you said. Nikolai got out of the swimming pool, his jacket dripping with pool water.

"SHUT UP!" You lifted yourself out of the water and pounced at him. He struggled beneath you.

"Get off me! Just leave me-" He was cut off when you picked him up and hauled him over your shoulder.

"Nope, I'm not leaving you. You're coming with me!"


Nikolai cursed under his breath as he dried himself with a towel in the infirmary. Having had enough, he grabbed his half-wet clothes and slipped them on. He peeked in between the curtains separating the two of you just to make sure you weren't looking before he tiptoed towards the open window. The Belarussian pulled himself up and jumped out. As he left, he couldn't help but think,

'Why does her name sound so familiar?'

"Nikolai?" you called, "Are you done?" You got a bit worried when you didn't get any response.

"Nikolai?" you repeated, drawing the curtains open, only to see the side empty. You shivered when a sudden gust of wind came into the room. You averted your gaze to the open window.


~~~The Next Day~~~

It was lunch time, and Nikolai was hanging around by the benches near the school gates. Three boys came up to Nikolai, and one of them grabbed him by the front of his jacket.

"We need to talk," he hissed. Nikolai narrowed his eyes and clutched the knife hidden up his sleeve tightly as they dragged him to a deserted part of the school. They shoved him into a wall.

"All thanks to you, we were sent to detention yesterday." The blonde furrowed his eyebrows.

"What are you talking about?" he asked.

"You told that pretty nurse we pushed you off the roof! Where's your proof-" The boy suddenly screamed and clutched his bleeding arm. Nikolai had his knife pointed at him, blood dripping off the tip. The other two boys charged at him, fists raised. Nikolai didn't flinch.

"HEY!" A loud female voice made the bullies freeze. They looked back to see you standing behind them with your hands on your hips. They gulped.

"What on earth are you doing to him?" you demanded, "LEAVE!"

"Y-y-yes!" The two boys grabbed their injured leader and scampered off. You huffed in annoyance before facing the platinum blonde with a stern expression. You grabbed his arm.

"Come with me," you said. He shook your hand off and glared at you with his piercing orbs.


"Why do you care?!" Nikolai yelled. You stared at him, startled by his sudden outburst. The Belarussian began to feel annoyed when you didn't give him an answer.

"Why do you care so much about me? You're just a school nurse!" You knitted your eyebrows together.

"That's the point!" you yelled back, "School nurses are supposed to be concerned about the school's students! To ensure that they are happy and healthy! What's the problem?"

"You pay more attention to me than the others! Why?" You clenched your fists as tears start to form in your eyes. You took a step forward and pulled Nikolai into a tight embrace, shocking him greatly.

"W-what?" Feeling your arms around him warmed his heart. A sense of familiarity hit him. He didn't want you to let go, no matter how much his mind screamed to shove you away from him. No one has ever done this to him in years. He had been abandoned so much when he was little... He's so scared that Anya will leave him... He's scared of being alone. The blonde didn't realise that tears were now streaming down his cheeks and that you had pulled away.

"I care for you so much because... I know this is not right for someone like me to say it, but... I love you," you said, cupping his cheeks. Nikolai grunted but showed no signs in pushing you away, so you wiped his tears gently with your thumbs.

"I know you've been alone for a long time, Nikolai. So that's why I decided to be the one who will stay by your side." The Belarussian let his head rest on your shoulder. He pressed his face against the crook of your neck.

"Forever?" he quietly said. You smiled at him lovingly and wrapped your arms around his body.

"Of course."

You've actually met Nikolai before when he was 6 years old. You tended his wounds when he fell off a tree, but then had to leave the country because of your father's work. Years later, when you discovered that Nikolai had transferred to the school you worked in, you were happy, and had been watching him, protecting him without him knowing ever since. He seems to have forgotten who you were, but that didn't matter. As long as you're able to protect him, you're fine with it. You're not going to tell the Belarussian that, though.

Some things are best kept secret.

Male!Belarus~! :heart: Isn't he just so adowable? :iconsadcraiplz: I'm quite happy with this one :meow: (although I made him a bit OOC //shot) This is my part of a literature trade with :iconkatelinlikesfeenie: I hope you like this! :iconpuppyyayplz:


Hetalia (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:

You (c) :iconmalebelarusplz:

Picture found on google
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You did a wonderful job, dear :iconbrohugplz:

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