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Literature trade with :iconbleached-angel:
*girl x girl*

Cold, ice-blue eyes were always what you caught when you looked up. Anywhere you go, they seem to be present. At first you brushed this off, thinking it was just a coincidence. But over time, you started feel uncomfortable and became wary.

At dinner, you sat at the back of the mess hall alone, as usual. You nibbled on your stale bread as you looked around the room, eyes scanning the crowd of cadets. You were searching for a certain blonde girl you've been trying to avoid lately. Sasha, Connie, Reiner, Bertholdt...

Your eyes met with a pair of piercing blue orbs. You quickly broke the eye contact. Your heart was pounding in its ribcage and you became sweaty. You were nervous all of a sudden, and you didn't know the reason. You felt the bench press down slightly, and turned your head. A cute, angel-looking blonde with baby-blue eyes sat with her food beside you, lips curved in a sweet smile.

"Hi!" she chirped, "You looked quite lonely back here, so I decided to join you!" You gave her a small smile and dipped your head, (h/c) tresses covering your face.

"Hello," you replied, averting your eyes. The cute girl reached out and tucked the loose strands of hair behind your ear.

"You should not let your hair cover your face, you're actually really pretty!" She giggled, making a dust of light pink tint your cheeks.

"My name's Krista Lenz, what's yours?" Krista asked, still smiling. You looked at her.


"No last name?" You shook your head.

"Don't need one."

"Ah, okay." Her smile wavered slightly, perplexed by your response. Krista began to converse with you whilst Annie watched you from the other side of the room. A blonde brute, Reiner Braun, elbowed her lightly, earning a glare from her.

"Hey Annie, why are you so into that girl?" Reiner asked, flicking his eyes in your direction. Annie bit off a piece of bread from her bread roll, eyes returning to you. She swallowed the bite of bread and ignored him. He rolled his eyes.

There was something about you that seemed so... mysterious. You rarely interacted with anyone and barely anyone knew a thing about you. You always kept a low profile to hide yourself in between people. You try not to be known and avoid socialising if possible. It was as if you had a secret that you didn't want to be known, because if it was publicised, they would have your head. It's kind of like what Annie and her friends are keeping from the world.

Bertholdt followed Annie's line of sight and saw you.

"What's so interesting about her?" he mumbled, "She's just a plain girl."

"Bertl, different people have different opinions. Annie finds her hot and wants to fuck her," Reiner replied, resting the side of his head on his palm, sniggering, "Right, Annie?" He stole a quick glance of her in hopes to get a reaction, but unfortunately he didn't. Annie was too busy "dreamily" gazing at you. He let out a mushroom sigh.

"Earth to Annie!" Annie blinked, seeing Reiner snap his fingers right in front of her eyes.

"What?" she said. He retracted his hand.

"You were spacing out. Anyway, as I was saying..." The blue-eyed woman tuned him out and switched her focus to you again.

"... new female-type titan. Have you heard about it?" Krista asked you. You stiffened and your breathing hitched. This attracted Annie's attention.

"N-no," you stammered, "What about it?"

"Oh. It's not a surprise that you don't know much about it. Well, you see..."

"Interesting," Annie muttered, catching her companions' attentions. They responded by looking at her questioningly.

"Did you say something?" Reiner asked.

Quickly, she replied, "Nothing."

~~~The next day~~~

"______! Hurry up!" Krista yelled. You had woken up late today and are currently trying to multi-task. You attempted to slip on your boots while tying your hair in a ponytail, which of course was a struggle as you only have two hands.

"I'm coming- Shit!" You lost your balance and toppled backwards, crashing into someone in the process. You landed on that person who cushioned your fall.


"Get off." You froze, recognising the monotonous voice. You slowly craned your neck, catching a glimpse of blonde hair. Armin's a boy (you thought he was a girl at first), Krista's outside of the room, so that only left...

"I'm so sorry!" you apologised, scrambling off of Annie and to your feet. Annie just lifted her upper body and gave you a piercing stare. You swallowed thickly.

You stuttered, "H-hey Annie, I'll s-see you later y-yeah?" She didn't respond and continued to stare at you. You inched towards the door cautiously, her cyan orbs following your movements.

You escaped to Krista. You stood beside her, palms sweating slightly. She flashed you a worried look.

"Are you okay?" she asked. You gave her a brief smile.

"Y-yeah, I'm fine. Let's just get to training or Shadis will have our heads again."

Krista giggled, "Okay!" The two of you ran towards the training grounds, where you could see all the cadets practice hand-to-hand combat. Krista turned to you.

"Wanna be my sparring partner?" she asked. You blinked.

"Eh... Sure I guess." You shrugged before getting into a fighting stance, your partner mimicking you. She raised a blonde eyebrow.

"______, your stance is kind of... odd." Instead of having your fists raised to your head, you had one of your open hands next to your side while the other is held way upfront.

"Hah? What are you talking about?" you said, "This is how I normally do it. Now come at me bro!"

Krista took a deep breath before charging at you. You inwardly smiled. She left an opening. As she aimed her fist for you, you swerved to the side, dodging her assault. You bent down low and slammed your palm into her stomach with immense force. She gasped and stumbled back, falling on her behind.

You said, "Come on, make another move." The blonde lightly glared at you. She returned to her feet and made another attempt. This time, you ducked and shot back up, connecting her chin with your palms. You then swung a leg behind her legs and swiped her off her feet. Krista landed on the ground on her back, knocking the air out of her lungs. As you had expected, Ymir appeared out nowhere and began to fuss over the petite blonde.

"Krista, are you okay?! ______, apologise to her right now!"

You simply responded by sticking your middle finger up at Ymir and left the scene.


You spun around to see Eren and cocked an eyebrow.

"What?" you asked coldly. The brunette sent you a childish smile.

"Wow, there's no need to be so icy, I just wanted to ask you to be my sparring partner," he said. You scoffed and turned your back to him.

"No thanks." You walked away.

His smile faltered. "Aw come on ______! Why not?"

"Because I don't like you."

"What did I ever do to you?! This our first interaction!" he exclaimed, falling in step with you, "Please ______, I wanna fight you!" You curled your hands into tight fists and sharply turned your head.

"Will you please shut up if I fight you?!" you hissed, an annoyed sigh escaping your lips. Eren's face instantly brightened. He nodded eagerly.


In a second, Eren's face was shoved to the ground, his face lying right underneath your foot. You huffed through your nose. You then heard loud clapping and pivoted your head. You saw Jean, Reiner, Marco, Connie, Hannah, Mina, Sasha, and Annie standing by the sidelines. They probably saw your epic owning of Eren. Jean, Reiner, and Connie were laughing their heads off while the girls, excluding Annie, were clapping and cheering. Annie was regarding the two of you with interest, slight amusement flickering in her eyes.

Jean laughed, "That was so AWESOME!" Marco gave Eren a look of sympathy, but you could tell that he was trying to stifle his laughs. Reiner roared with laughter.

As you removed your foot, Eren cried, "That was unfair ______!" You helped him up and cleaned his dirty face.

"So what? At least I won right?" You smirked, patted his cheek and set off to find Krista. Out of the corner of your eye, you could see Mina prancing towards you. You internally groaned.

'Please don't-'

"Hey ______, will you be my sparring partner?" she asked with a gleam of excitement. You let out a sigh.

"Sure," you replied, smiling sweetly at the girl. A corner of your lips twitched.


You smacked your palm against Mina's chin and took a step towards her. You swiftly retracted your arms before connecting them with her stomach with full force.


The raven-haired girl was thrown backwards. Without hesitation, you followed the attack by hitting her front constantly. Then, you kicked her into the air, and when she was at level, you pulled your palm back into a fist and punched her in the guts as hard as you can.

"OKAY, I GIVE UP!" Mina cried. You dusted your hands and 'hmph'ed.

All of a sudden, you hear, "Fight me again ______!" You spun around to see Eren standing behind you in a fighting stance. You sighed in exasperation.

'This guy just never gives up, does he?' you thought as you sent a falcon-punch to his face.


You collapsed on the ground, completely exhausted.

"This is the first time I've actually put my all in training," you mumbled into the dirt. You rose to your feet, lifting your head. Again, your eyes connected with Annie's. There was a slight spark as your eyes met. You swallowed thickly, drawing your eyes away from the blonde girl. You walked the other way with your head down in a brisk manner. As a result, you collided against someone. You took a step back.

"Sorry," you muttered before quickly passing the person.

"______, wait!" a girl's voice shouted. You pretended to not hear whoever she is and continued to speed-walk. You spun around when you felt a hand close around your wrist, glaring at the person. You came face to face with the infamous potato girl, Sasha Braus. She let go of your wrist and your glare softened.

"I saw you talking with Krista, Mina, and Eren, so I thought you might need more friends," she said, grinning, "Wanna eat dinner together?"

You rubbed your wrist, nodding meekly. "S-sure."

As the two of you made your way to the mess hall, Sasha caught sight of Eren putting his arm around Armin's waist[1].

She leaned in and whispered, "Dude, I just saw Eren put his hand on Armin's waist like this." As she demonstrated what Eren did to Armin, her arm when around your lower back and a hand rested on your hip. You jumped at the sudden contact and pushed the potato girl away.

"Don't do that!" you said, cheeks tinged with pink.

"What? I'm just showing what Eren did!" You rolled your eyes and turned away with your arms crossed.

"Come on ______! Don't be mad at me!" Sasha whined, "I don't want the silent treatment the whole day!" You ignored her and walked away.

'We're not even proper friends,' you thought bitterly.

"______!" she called. She ran after you and once you were in range, she leapt on your back. Annie entered the scene just as Sasha jumped on you.

Her left eye twitched at the sight of Sasha clinging onto you.

"Sasha, get off! Go to Connie instead!" you said, trying to pry her off of you. The brunette shook her head.

"No!" she replied stubbornly. All of a sudden, she was jerked off of your back, making you sigh in relief. You turned around.

"Thank you Sash- uh..." you trailed off, seeing Annie hold the girl by the back of her jacket collar. She was glaring intensely at Sasha.

"Can't you see that ______ wants you to get off? Stop being a whiny baby and be more sensible," she said, throwing her on the ground, "You're a soldier for goodness sake." The blonde stepped over the brunette as if it was normal. She walked towards you, and as she passed by, she placed a hand on your shoulder. Your eyes widened. She then retracted her hand and left without another word. You stayed frozen in your current position.

'D-did she do that because she's-?' You were snapped out of your thoughts by a groan coming from Sasha. Remembering what Annie had done to her, you knelt down to help the girl up. You grasped her arm.

"Sasha, are you alright?" you asked worriedly, pulling her up with you. She gave you a thumbs up.

"No worries!" The brunette smiled at you. "That was the first time you've shown a proper emotion." You sighed, smiling kindly at her.

"I guess it's because you found a way through my walls, somehow," you laughed. She giggled.

"Then your walls must be easy to break down!" she said before grabbing your hand, "Come on, I wanna eat! I must not miss my food!" Sasha began dragging you towards the mess hall childishly.

"Okay then, Sasha."

The two of you grabbed your trays of food and took your seats on Connie's table. Sasha plopped on the spot next to the nearly-bald boy.

"Hey guys!" she said, grabbing Connie's, Jean's, Krista's, and Ymir's attention. They nodded in acknowledgement before cocking their eyebrows at you. You averted your gaze to the side and slipped on the seat next to Ymir. Krista leaned across the table and smiled at you.

"______, it's nice to see that you decided to make some friends!" she said.


"You don't talk much, do you?" Ymir said while assessing you. You looked down, shaking your head.

"Hn." The brunette turned back to her food and picked up a stale bread. Krista sent you an apologetic smile.

"Ymir is always like this, so I wouldn't worry too much," she said. You did a silent nod in reply and ate your dinner.

You felt those same eyes on you again. You craned your neck and saw Annie observing you from a distance. You looked away to hide your flushed cheeks. You quickly finished your food and said a rushed "I'm gonna go to bed early" before standing up and taking off.

Half an hour later, the girls were making their way back to the barracks. They noticed you coming out of the bath house, and you caught their stares. Turning away from them, you raced back to the barracks, slamming the door behind you. The girls blinked.

"______?" Krista called, cautiously opening the door. She saw you sitting on your bed with a book open on your lap. You raised your head at the mention of your name.

"Yes?" you said, closing your book and putting it under your pillow. The blonde skipped over to your bed, sitting on the edge of the mattress. You gave her a questioning glance. "What is it?"

Taking a silky strand of your hair, she twirled it around her finger, making you blush lightly at the action.

'And here I thought only boys do that to girls,' you thought, awkwardly shifting on the bed.

"Can I style your hair?" she asked, "It's so smooth!" You nodded, turning your back to her.

"Mina, can you please lend me one of your hair bobbles?"

"Sure thing," Mina said, taking one of her pigtails out. She passed the hair bobble to Annie. "Do you mind if you give this to Krista? I need the bathroom." The Leonhardt took the item silently and walked to the petite blonde playing with your hair. She handed it to her.

"Here," she said. The Lenz took it and put it in between her teeth. Annie sat down on her bunk, which so happens to be across from yours and watched. Krista began to split your hair into three equal sections and place each bundle over the other with the same strength. Once she reached a few centimetres from the end, she secured the plait with Mina's hair bobble.

"There!" Krista said as she patted your hair, proud with her work. You turned around, causing her to gasp. The other girls directed their gazes at you. A dust of light pink tinged Annie's pale complexion.

"You look so pretty ______!" Hannah commented, clasping her hands together, "You should have your hair in a plait everyday!" Sasha nodded in agreement while chewing on a stolen baked potato. Red painted itself on your cheeks as you were embarrassed by Hannah's compliment. Ymir frowned. She went to lie on her side on the bed, an arm propping her head up on the pillow.

"What's with the sudden personality change?" she asks out loud, "When we were in training, you were all badass and confident, but when you're out of training, you're the complete opposite. What are you hiding?" The freckled girl narrowed her sharp eyes at you. You gulped internally, palms becoming sweaty. You were hot all of a sudden.

'Did I let my acting slip?!' you thought, panicking, 'Ugh, I knew I'd be horrible at playing the sweet girl.' You flashed Ymir a fake, shy smile.

"I-I just get worked up a lot about training and tend to take it a little bit too seriously. You could say it's my trigger," you explained, scratching your cheek nervously. Ymir arched a thin eyebrow and let out a snort.

"Hmph. Really now?"

Annie noted your discomfort. She promptly stood and whacked Ymir across the head with her fist. The girl hissed and retaliated. She shot the blonde a glare.

"What the hell is your problem?!" she exclaimed. Annie returned her glare.

"Drop the subject. Can't you see ______ is getting uncomfortable?" she said, coming to your defence.

"Well she-"

"Shut up. We all must have something we're hiding from each other, and that's normal. We don't need to know each other's personal lives in precise detail when we're living in such a harsh world like this. You don't know who to trust." Everyone was silent by the time Annie finished. They looked at each other. Mina entered the quiet room and blinked.

'Did I miss something?' she thought, taking her place above Annie's bed.

"H-hey guys! How about we tell each other about our embarrassing moments? There's nothing to hide about it y'know?" Sasha voice cut through the silence like a butter knife. Krista, noticing the potato girl's efforts to ease the silent tension, joined in. She stood and walked over to Sasha, positioning herself beside her.

"Yeah! There's no need to he shy about it, I mean, I'm a complete klutz too!" she said, adding her signature laugh at the end. The girls nodded at each other. A sigh slipped past Ymir's lips.

"Sure, why not? Seems pretty rad," she muttered, jumping off her bed. Hannah smiled.

"I'm in!"

"Me too!"

Soon, every girl in the room was gathered in a circle, leaving you and Annie out in the far corner. Mina switched her attention to the two of you.

"What about you ______, Annie?" she asked. You shook your head.

"No thank you," you replied, smiling politely. Annie didn't answer, but the Carolina knew that it will be a definite no anyway. So she nodded in understanding and returned her attention back to the group.

Annie sat on the edge of your bed next to you, a hand placed on top of yours, which was something unusual for a person like her. You tensed at the contact and tried to relax. You gave her a side-glance before bumping her shoulder with yours, gaining her attention. She raised a questioning eyebrow.

You smiled. "Thanks for saving me back there. I really didn't want to answer Ymir's question." The blonde flicked her eyes forward, shrugging.

"I just didn't want an argument to start. Besides, I understand how you feel. I also have some things that I wish to not reveal," she said quietly. You stared at her.

"Is that so?"

She nodded. "If you don't mind me asking, may I know what you're hiding? You can trust me."

You averted your eyes to your fidgeting fingers and replied, "I'd rather not answer."

"I understand." Then, Annie rested her head on your shoulder, surprising you. Krista sent a quick glance your way and giggled.

[1] - this actually happened in school. I saw a boy from my class do this to another boy from my class and my friend just had to demonstrate it on me.
Meh. Meh. MEH. I tried. Ugh. I was really stumped, so I didn't know what to write about. But after reading some yandere Annie, I got inspiration! :iconyaylatviaplz:

And Reader-chan is using the Hyuga's fighting style, except she doesn't have the byakugan :XD:


Shingeki no Kyojin (c) Hajime Isayama

You (c) Annie Leonhart-03 [V5] 
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